it's a cash game + a tournament + a tv game show!

Watch the premier of this totally new kind of poker competition only on stones live.

How it works

Buy in $5,200 ($5,000+ $100 entry + $100 staffing)

Seats available for 9 players only

3,000 Equivalent in tournament chips to cash (with a 100 chips equaling $1.00) will be in play on the table for each player (300,000 chips).

2,000 is set aside for the additional tournament prize pool

No rebuys or add-ons are allowed

First 8 levels are played pot limit. The final level 9 is played no limit.

Players will play 20 hands at each blind level.

During levels 4,6 and 8 a number will be randomly generated that will determine one of the upcoming 20 hands as an elimination hand. The elimination hands in each elimination level will be known by the viewers, but unknown to the players. Once this hand is complete, players chips will be calculated and the lowest stack will be eliminated from the table. The eliminated player will be paid for his remaining chip values and play will continue.

At the conclusion of the third elimination hand in level 8, all players stacks will be recorded and paid cut accordingly. The chips then no longer have a cash value and play continues as a no limit tournament.

During level 10 a number will be randomly generated to determine when the last hand will be. Again known to the viewers but unknown to the players.

Once the last hand has been drawn and played, the top 3 prize pool payouts will be paid out based on the top 3 players chip stack.

The top 3 chips stacks will receive an additional tourney payout as follows

1st: $9000 I 2nd: $6000 | 3rd: $3000



Level 1:            Hands 1-15                Blinds 100-200 PLHE

Level 2:            Hands 16-30                Blinds 100-300 PLHE

Level 3:            Hands 31-50           Blinds 200-300 PLHE

Level 4:            Hands 51-70                Blinds 200-400 NLHE

(Elimination Level)

Note: We start the live stream approximately at level 4

Level 5:            Hands 71-90            Blinds 200-500 PLHE

Level 6:            Hands 91-110           Blinds 300-600 NLHE

(2nd Elimination level)

Level 7:            Hands 111-130            Blinds 400-800 PLHE

Level 8:            Hands 131-150            Blinds 500-1000NLHE

(Final Elimination level)

Level 8 (tournament after elimination) 5000-10000-3000 NLHE

Note: The elimination in Level 8 ONLY goes into effect if there are 4 or more players still seated at the table during the actual elimination hand. If there are 3 or less players, the remaining players “survive” this last elimination and level 8 becomes the final level and we draw for the final hand in a 40 hand level 8.

Level 9:            Hands 161-170         Blinds 6000-12000-5000 NLHE

Level 10:           Hands 171-190             Blinds 6000-12000-5000 NLHE