Assassin' Bounty Tournament

$300 buy in ($170 + $100 bounty + $15 entry + $15 staffing)

30 minute levels | 10,000 chips

Unlimited re-entry first 6 levels

$35,000 guaranteed (Includes bounties)

Assassins Bounty        

The Assassin's bounty is a new type of bounty tournament 

Players can choose to trade in a bounty that has been won (between hands) for 5 big blinds added to your stack or an additional 50% added to your stack (Max of 10 BB), whichever is more)

The value of the redeemed bounty will be added to the prize pool and distributed according to Stones payout structure. 

Once we are in the money all traded bounties will be added directly to 1st place. 

Bounties must be redeemed while a player still has chips. Bounties cannot be traded in once a player is felted. 


Final Table will be Live Streamed