Lose With Four Eights or Better

Around the clock


Mon - Sat: $200 Prize pool
9am-12pm | 4pm-7pm

Sunday Morning: $300 Prize pool

Sunday Evening: $200 Prize pool

Top 3 chip leaders participate in prize pool


Players obtaining a Royal Flush will win the associated prize amount for that royal’s suit.

Live Omaha Hi/Lo and Hi Only Games Only


7am-9am for seated players



Payoff Distribution is 40% to the Best Losing Hand – 20% to the Best Winning Hand – 40% to the Remaining Players at Winning Table – Only one jackpot will be paid out per hand.

  1. The amount displayed will be the amounts available to win for that day until a new amount is posted. Jackpot amount will be displayed on a “Jackpot Display” board in the Poker Room.

  2. Players must take a hand during the jackpot hand to be eligible for the jackpot.

  3. Both hole cards must play for the second highest qualifying hand and the qualifying winning hand;

    if one of the hole cards in either player’s hand ties the board, the Jackpot is eligible.

  4. The player with the second highest qualifying hand will receive losing portion of the posted prize amount for that specific Jackpot. The player with the best qualifying hand will receive winning portion of the posted prize amount for that specific Jackpot.

  5. Jackpot only applies to High Hand in Omaha Hi-Lo Split.

  6. If only 2 active players are dealt into a hand and the Jackpot is hit, 40% of the prize pool will be paid to the player with the second best qualifying hand, 20% of the prize pool will be paid to player with the best qualifying hand, and the remaining 40% will be put back into the next “Jackpot” prize pool.

  7. Collusion – If players are talking about the hand, while the hand is in play, SGH management has the right to disqualify the hand due to collusion. If any player at the table is using another language other than English, while the hand is in play, management has the right to disqualify the hand due to collusion.

  8. Payoffs – Jackpots will be paid within 72 hours. SGH management will do their best to pay off the Jackpot on the day it is hit. All hands involved in payouts are subject to review and authentication by management. For any prize of $600 or more, all necessary federal and state forms will be completed before the prize is awarded. Valid ID’s will be required.

  9. On-duty employees and Off-duty employees are eligible to win.

  10. Jackpots not included in tournament play.


  1. Select from free special breakfast items.

  2. Must be a Stones Card Member and must be in a live poker game using your Stone Card for a

    minimum of 30 minutes to be eligible.

  3. To-Gos will not be allowed. Any substitutions may include an up-charge.


  1. Each Royal Flush suit will seed at $100 and increase daily at $15 each day at 12am until hit.

  2. Two of the four hole cards must be used to make the qualifying five card hand.


  1. Players may participate in the live chip tournament during the designated running time.

  2. Only seated players in the game at the end of the tournament may participate in the prize pool.

  3. Every winning hand in a live Omaha game will receive a Live Chip with their pot. There is one live chip per high and Low pot.

  4. If a player wins both high and low hands they will receive both chips.

  5. At the end of the time period the top four players holding the most live chips will win their

    corresponding share of the prize pool.

  6. Prize pool breaks down as 1st-$100, 2nd-$60, 3rd-$40/ Sunday morning 1st-$150, 2nd-$90, 3rd-$60.



Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. No purchase necessary. GEGA-002340, 004227, 001555, 000325, 004688.