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Four sixes or better beat.
40% losing hand, 20% winning hand,
and 40% table share


4 of a kind or better beaten using both cards
40% losing hand 20% winning and 40% table share
Hold'Em Jackpot raises $200 daily at midnight
To receive any part of the payout, players must have been dealt in on the jackpot hand.
Management reserves the right to cap the jackpot amount at any time.
Eligible Hold'Em games are Texas Hold 'Em Limit - GEGA-01551 and Texas Hold 'Em No Limit - GEGA-000283
Eligible Omaha games are Omaha Pot Limit - GEGA-004511 and Omaha Hi-Low Spilt - GEGA-001552.

Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. No Purchase Necessary. ​GEGA-001555, GEGA-002833​.