The action at Stones just got super-sized. Introducing The Big Board. Hit one of the Big Board’s qualifying hands and win the cash payout for that hand. Payouts increase with every hit hand until the board resets. Are you big enough?


  1. The big board starts out with 13 predetermined hands that are posted, all containing the same starting prize value.

  2. Once one of the hands is hit, the prize for that hand will be awarded and that hand will no longer be eligible to be hit again until the board resets after all the hands have been hit.

  3. Once one hand is hit and prize paid out, the rest of the remaining hands will increase the stated amount listed in the Saloon Active promotion sheet.

  4. Once all the hands have been hit and paid out, the big board will reset to the original prize value and all hands once again being available to be hit.

  5. In the event of a tie, prize amount will be split up among qualifying players.

  6. Both cards in the players hand must play to be eligible to win the prize.

  7. See Saloon Active promotion sheet for all game rules and details


No purchase necessary.GEGA-004197